Competition Entries to Win a €200 Golden Ireland Gift Voucher

Date: February 2021
Competition Entries to Win a €200 Golden Ireland Gift Voucher


I nominate Sorcha Murphy as an outstanding teenager for your competition.
Sorcha is 14 years old and is outstanding and kind to her grandparents.
She visits us every week-end and never comes empty handed.
She is kind, funny, witty, generous, always has a ready smile.
We would be lost without her during the current pandemic.
An excellent student, she is a talented sports person, especially in camogie,
I nominate Sorcha because of her generosity of time given to her grandparents.

(From Brendan)

Mary & Seamus

I’d love to nominate my Mam and Dad, Mary and Seamus Brennan, married 47 years this July, four children and 12 adored grandchildren. Dad is currently in hospital and will be for the next few weeks, it’ll be their first valentines apart and with the current restrictions it’s so hard on them both not having any contact other than the phone.
I’d love for them to have something to look forward to when he gets better and gets home and they can be reunited again. They are both an amazing example of true love x

(From Anna)


I want to nominate my wife Margaret Watson who deserves a break more than anyone I know. She has succumbed to ill health since 2012 when she was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and recovered and got back to work as a nurse in a nursing home local to us.

In Nov 2014 she suffered a ruptured bowel and sceptic shock on a flight to Manchester and ended up in hospital there for 32 days and had to remain in the UK for a further 9 months to recuperate and then return to Ireland in Sept 2015.

She nursed me from Jan 2016 for 2 years as I had been diagnosed with cancer and required treatment and holding down a job as well.

I recovered with her help and then in Jan 2020 she was admitted to hospital with SOB, headaches, temp and had 3 days in ICU, she was released in late Jan and has been unable to return to work ever since.

A break would be beneficial for her to help her recuperate when we can move about again.

(From Michael)


My husband Allan deserves a gift basket and then some. For the past three and a half years he has been supportive of me, making the dinner and sometimes doing the washing up as well, while I have been studying. Lockdown has been tough on everyone, but at least I had my course work; Allan got to sit alone waiting for his chance to see me at dinnertime.
I am sure my husband knows how much he is appreciated, but the prize of a hotel stay would be a wonderful treat for us both to reconnect over summer, autumn, or any time that is safe.

(From Clare)


My name is Laura Gannon Kilbride and I would like to nominate my husband Wayne Kilbride married nearly 19 years in 2 months time. He is my rock we have had amazing times together. But like everyone there has been the bad times but I’ll give him one thing he loyal, caring, loving, honest and the best Dad to my son Josh. I was in a bad car accident 10 years on the day of his birthday 18th of February and I have never recovered from it. He has been by my side through it all surgery, rehab and still living with the issue of my condition that is unfixable. Our life was turned upside down and still is.

He is not just my best friend, husband, my rock but he is also my carer. There is days I can’t get out of the bed with the chronic pain I suffer so badly from. Since the pandemic I have to cocoon as I’m in the high risk category. He brings me to all my hospitals appointments, gets my medications and does all the food shopping to ensure I’m safe from this virus.

I hope this explains why I think he deserves a treat just to say how much I appreciate all that he does. He does all this while working flat out through the pandemic as well.

(From Laura)

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