Golden Ireland Competition Nominations

Date: February 2021
Golden Ireland Competition Nominations

My Friend:

The beautiful person I want to nominate is my friend! Natascha is one of those people who doesn't need to wait for Christmas, a birthday or celebration to do random acts of kindness for people. She is always thinking of others. Going shopping with her is amazing - she is constantly seeing things that other people would like and buys it for them. She is the type of friend and mother that is always there when you need them - she has been my sanctuary on many occasions when I have been overwhelmed by my own situation (with two children with special needs). I know I will always be met with a smile, a coffee and a kind listening ear! She is not always appreciated for her generous nature and I want to take this opportunity to say what she should hear on a daily basis.......Natascha, thank you for being my friend, for being you!
(From Eleanor)


I'd like to nominate my wife Elena, who has helped me through the many dark days over the past year when I was in and out of the hospital for treatment as well as having to cope with Covid-19. She really deserves this!
(From Peter)


Can I throw my best buddy, my soulmate my husband Maurice Whelan into the mix please? Our story is nothing spectacular at all but to me its special. I had a summer job with his gorgeous mother who had a B&B in our local village .... I was about fifteen or sixteen and unbelievably shy. He was the opposite to me ..he was outgoing funny and gregarious never got the shy gene. Sure I fell slowly but absolutely for him and he did for me over time (He is six years older than me so it was a slow burner when I was a young teenager). We are married 33 years. He has been unwell at times over the years but thats where the 'for worst' part of the vows comes in and we are both happy to look after each other in illness and in health. He is so creative...can fix or make anything and that never ceases to amaze me. I love that about him. I suppose the main attribution he has that I admire though and love is his sense of humour. He can tell a joke as good as anyone but he has a natural wit so we have laughed through the good and bad times over the years.

I think these lock downs with Covid to date have been tough on everyone but there are few things that I am grateful for through it all. We got on brilliantly as I kinda knew we would. We discovered the beautiful country we live in even if its only at times within two or five kms from home. After living with somebody for years and living in the place you grew up all your live its wonderful to still discover new things and know there are more to discover. This last year showed me that there is one definite he and I will last as a couple and this year for us and for many has been a good test of that.

Maurice is oblivious to the fact that he can walk into a room of strangers and instinctively feel at ease and make them laugh. I would still be fairly shy but I love that he is not.

Yep I adore him so much and it would be just wonderful if he did win the voucher because like so many others the thought of a nice short break in this stunning country of ours after the virus would be our light at end of the tunnel. That is assuming he will share it with me....hee hee I know he would.

Thanks so much.

If he wins great but best of luck to whoever does win.

(From Claire)

I would like to nominate my Mam, Monica.
She will be 78 this year. She has been very generous and gifted me a site to build a house which I appreciate following a difficult year of Covid and cancer treatment. She loves going away for a staycation in Ireland. She is due to go for surgery on her back so she would love a break to look forward to.

(From Noelle)


I would like to nominate my daughter, Claire who really deserves a break. Claire is an ICU Nurse who works tirelessly for her patients in extremely difficult conditions. She has two small children which she tries to homeschool as best she can with her husband. She calls me any chance she gets as she worries about me cocooning on my own at home but I am more worried about her. When this is all over, which it will, I would love to see her go somewhere lovely to be spoiled and pampered. Thank you Golden Ireland for such a lovely prize.

(From Edith)


Himself should win the prize
Because you my eyes
He's really tries and tries
To understand us women

Now he never quite gets there
But I don't really care
Cos I haven't got there yet.
To understand myself.
But 37 years trying
I wouldn't be lying
If I said it's been fun
Trying and trying and trying

(From Bernie)

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