A Further Snapshot of Entries

Date: February 2021
A Further Snapshot of Entries


I would absolutely love to treat my sister Fiona please. She's a hard working young mum who has been working in hospital throughout the pandemic. Despite long hours and little sleep, she never complains at all. She is a real hero, has had no holiday this year and I know she would love a voucher for your gorgeous Irish holiday breaks. I would be over the moon to be able to surprise her! Please pop me in the hat and fingers crossed that I might get lucky.
(From Emer)

A Special Daughter:

I would love to nominate my daughter please. She has just recently has a new baby and is finding things very tough in lockdown. She is trying to juggle everything and it is difficult all day on her own while her husband is at work. Last year she was a huge support to me while I had surgery and then during lockdown while I had to cocoon because of my age. I would love to give her something in return. She has not been away in years and I know she would love a holiday with her husband. I know she would probably choose to visit Kerry where she got engaged. I would even babysit so they could enjoy a few good night's sleep while exploring our beautiful countryside.
(From Michael)


To a fancy hotel, we long to go,

A trip which would make my wife, Niamh and I positively glow,

Thanks to our genial friends at Golden Ireland, such a dream is very much alive,

We’ve our fingers crossed that our hopes don’t take a dive,

We love Golden Ireland, use Irish hotels and save some dough…..

(From Paddy)


I moved to Naas 27 years ago and have had the good fortune to be surrounded by wonderful caring neighbours. I know I am not alone in my belief when I say there is one person in particular who is outstanding in our community. Her name is Majella Duignan. She is a supervisory nurse working for K Doc. She is a volunteer in The Barrettstown Camp in Kildare (working with children with cancer), and she is also a registered nurse with the Jack & Jill Foundation. The wonderful care and support which she gives outside her normal working hours is a testament in itself.

We have been in a difficult and challenging world since COVID entered our lives and changed what we once knew as normal and it is at the beginning of the pandemic Majella came to the forefront. She formed “Frontline Hugs”. She sent out a circular to all friends and neighbours asking if they could donate homemade cakes, biscuits, or soft drinks to our front line staff in our local hospitals, nursing homes and out of hours services. As she put it “Just the community’s ways of saying thank you”. Her goal was to deliver to every Nursing Home in Kildare and other facilities including Naas Garda Station. She also asked children to make cards. Her sitting room became a storage area for donations. She then set about the task of organising delivery. All deliveries were done at a distance in accordance with strict government guide lines. Having completed her task she sent out a circular thanking all who contributed, and up-dated them as to what had been done. All in all deliveries were made to thirty different locations.

A few weeks later when entering or leaving the estate the neighbours were amazed to see the trees lining the roadside adorned with thank you notes and hearts from the different establishments that received the donations.

I do hope you will consider my nomination as this woman has what I can only describe as “A Heart as Big as a Lion”. There is no end to the trouble she will go to when asked for assistance and all done in a dignified and loving way.

(From Bernie)


I would like to nominate my wife Sally. She raised 4 lovely children, minds 4 grandchildren, walks 2 huskies, finds time for a little charity work and still finds time to put up with a cranky husband who still loves her.

(From Tom)

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