More Great Entries for our Competition

Date: February 2021
More Great Entries for our Competition

We continue with more of our nominations for the €200 Golden Ireland Gift Voucher:


I would like to nominate my husband Matthew Smith aka Tony for this prize. I feel he would be a really worthy winner. He has had some really unusual and very serious health issues over the last three years. These include Legionnaires Disease, Encephalitis and pleurisy to name but a few. Any of these would be enough to put a lesser man into a serious dose of the blues. He accepted his stays in hospital, tests, treatments and endless appointments and serious restrictions without complaint and is deeply appreciative of all the help given to him by all the different staffs in the hospitals.

His 80th birthday was in August. The plan was for the children and grandchildren to come. They live around the world. Given the circumstance that had to be cancelled. He never complained once. Despite all this he keeps interested in all that goes on in the world, is sticking rigidly to the Covid guidelines and every day he makes me laugh. I know he would love this prize but would feel he was an unworthy winner - a view which I do not hold.
(From Mary).


I would love to nominate my daughter, Marie McGrath.
She works tirelessly in St. James’s Hospital. At the same time she finds time to run her home, crèche and school. She puts everyone before herself. She finds time to ring and keep in touch with me - I live in Mayo and miss seeing my family especially my little grandchildren....
I hope Marie is lucky and I know when time permits she will deserve a break away.
(From Marie)


I would like to nominate my husband, Patrick for all the support and love he has shown me over our last 55 Years together, especially his patience since I became ill in the last few months and his good humour while I was in hospital.
(From Frances)


I nominate my little ( not so young) sister Bernie. I have not seen her in months are we live in different counties. She sends me a message every day and we speak on the phone. She is celebrating her 60th Birthday ???? on the 25th Feb, and we will be still in lock down, so won't get to see her. This prize would be a really lovely gift for her to show how much she is appreciated.
(From Grace)


I would like to nominate my husband of 44 years Michael....
although he has had to isolate and be especially careful during this covid period....he has remained in good humour, has been a wonderful husband, dad and granddad keeping in contact with his grandchildren via zoom, facetime and alexa....the following words I wrote just sum him up to a tee...he would be so surprised to win...

In his eyes

When he asked her out she met his eyes and she saw hope

As they were wed she met his eyes and she saw love

When she gave birth she met his eyes and she saw fear

As he held their children she met his eyes and she saw joy

Over the years she met his eyes and she saw





And often as she meets his eyes and she sees the pain he tries to hide

This pain retreats

As he holds their grand son and awaits with hope their grand daughter

Then once again she meets his eyes and she sees





And Life

( From Frances)

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