Hand of Friendship at Active Retirement Ireland

Date: October 2020
Hand of Friendship at Active Retirement Ireland

We all need friends at this difficult time in our lives, and to know that we can be part of a bigger network of like minded people. With this in mind, perhaps you may consider joining your local Active Retirement Group. Everything is up in the air at the moment, but this may be a good option for the future.

What is Active Retirement Ireland:

Active Retirement Ireland (ARI) is a registered charity, working in Ireland since 1978. ARI believes that older people have the right to be full and participating members of our society. We combat ageism through the everyday work of self-organised local associations and regional councils. The purpose of Active Retirement Ireland is to enable retired people to enjoy a full and active life, and to advocate for them.

Active Retirement Ireland is a national membership organisation of more than 24,500 people in over 550 local active retirement associations. Each local association is run by volunteers who plan and deliver a range of activities that keep older people socially connected and enable them to lead healthy and active lives.

What we Do:

Active Retirement Associations enjoy a wide range of activities, loosely grouped into five categories:

• Physical activities, such as bowls, swimming and exercise
• Social activities, such as tea dances, evenings out, holidays and short breaks
• Cultural visits to museums, theatres, art galleries and concerts
• Learning activities, such as computer and mobile phone training, arts and crafts and talks
• Providing information on important issues such as welfare rights and pensions


Membership is open to anyone who is retired or semi-retired from full time work or part time work, paid or unpaid work and offer members

• Friendship
• Holiday and Day Tours
• Shared Interests
• Support and Information
• New Creative Skills
• Games & Activities

As Ireland’s largest community based older people’s organisation, Active Retirement can be a powerful voice for not just 24,500 members but for all older people. Local groups play a pivotal role in advocating not only for our members but also for the most vulnerable people in their communities. We enable older people to be involved in society, to be full active citizens and to have a voice in all aspects of life, such as health services, social services, transport, education and more.

To find out more, or to see if there is a local group near you, click on the link below.

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